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Eros songs by Mako and musicians famous for their skill and inspiration.
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Today we will talk about the popular French artist Makos, although, in truth, Makros is not a name, but a nickname (Spanish). To date, he has over 100 million albums sold worldwide, 12 Grammy awards and six MTV Video Music Awards.
This song has been covered many times by Mak and other artists:
The song has also been covered by other musicians:
Well, is it possible to imagine that our ears hear music, and not only to hear it, but even to distinguish it! Because all our ears have long been enveloped in dense sound. And it happened quite by chance that we ended up on the site of such a musician as Philippe A Mak, who managed to make the music of our hearing not suffer.
The opening song of this month. Not bad, not good, just good.
You can listen to music on the site, there is also an android application on the site that allows you to download your favorite music, as well as audio books, to your device. After launch, you will see a standard set of buttons, namely: Home, Share, Contacts, Music. You can listen to your favorite song directly from the browser, while the music goes to your computer without restrictions, and you can download it for free, no SMS and other nonsense! Personally, I found this site by searching for "music" in Google, I had problems with uploading a music file, about which I complained to the author of the song, to which I received the answer: "I'll try to solve it."After all, its not just that they came up with a beat on which you have to put your foot in your shoes, sit down and take three steps to the beat of the music so as not to go astray, because somehow you no longer hit the right notes to the beat of the music, this is not just music, it's a hitch!
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